Questions and answers

How can I get a free quote?

Quotes are always free and have no obligation. It’s simple just fill out our quote request form and a sales representative will be in contact or you can call us at 1-877-553-1001 Ext. 101 for a phone quote.

What Payment Plans Do You Offer?

We offer several payment options for your convenience – from checks to major credit cards, and we also accept cash payments.

Do your buses have video entertainment systems?

Yes! Our coaches are equipped with TV/DVD and PA systems.

How far ahead should I make arrangements?

We recommend you make your reservation sooner rather than later. Depending on the time of year, a general guideline is one to two months in advance, but we are happy to serve you at the last minute, provided we have a coach available. No effort will be spared to accommodate your needs.

How many passengers can your vehicles accommodate?

Florida Charter Service has a variety of motor coaches & transit shuttles available for charter.  We offer 25, 49, 55 and 55 passenger coaches for your convenience, and we serve groups of all sizes, from 10 people to 10,000.  So, whether you require shuttles for your employees, customers, conventions, sporting events, theme parks or for any other reason, rest assured that Florida Charter Service is here to meet your needs!

Is there any limit as to how far your vehicles can travel?

Florida Charter Service provides services for trips ranging from a few blocks to thousands of miles. We can help you determine if chartering one or more of our coaches will meet your specific needs. Florida Charter Service is licensed and insured to travel anywhere in the country and is an excellent alternative to school buses.

What about the driver's gratuity?

Florida Charter Service never charges for driver gratuities and they are not required. However, gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Are we allowed to bring drinks and snacks on the coach buses?

Drinks and snacks are permitted.  Alcoholic beverages need to be approved by our office.

Does Florida Charter Service provide discounts for large, multiple bus orders?

Your representative will inform you if a volume discount applies to your trip or event booking.

On overnight trips, who is responsible for providing and paying for the driver's room?

The chartering party is responsible for providing and paying for the driver’s hotel room while on charter.  Our staff will let you know if a hotel room is required for the driver for your particular trip. However, hotels usually offer a complimentary room for the bus driver when a certain amount of rooms are paid for.

What about parking and toll fees?

The chartering party is responsible for any parking and toll fee, if applicable. These fees can be added to the work order per charting party request.

How much luggage will the bus hold?

Our coaches have the capacity for each passenger to carry one or two regular sized suitcases and small carry-on type bags. Our drivers will gladly assist passengers with loading and unloading luggage.

What if I need to change the itinerary prior to the trip or cancel the trip altogether?

If you need your itinerary changed, just email or call us and let us know. We will simply make the adjustments for you and send you a new confirmation. If you need to cancel your charter, there is no charge if cancelled by the full payment due date. Please call us should you need to adjust your itinerary.

Can I request a specific Driver?

Please notify us if you would like to request a specific driver. If the driver is available, we will make every effort to assign him to your charter.

Can I use the coach bathroom?

You may always use the restrooms on our coaches but the toilets cannot be refreshed until the end of the day.  The driver will make stops as needed for use of outside facilities.

What if I have found a lower price than your quote?

Please call or email us and let us know.  We will do our best to offer you a better rate.

Is there a additional charge for the WiFi?

Florida Charter Service provides complementary WiFi on all our coaches!

What are transit buses available to charter for?

Florida Charter Service has a line of 35 and 40 foot transit buses that can be chartered for contract work, convention shuttles, park and ride events, employee shuttles. etc. Transit buses can provide transportation in town to move a large volume of people as they are equipped to take seated and standing passengers.  Most transit buses have ADA lifts available.

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